Friday, October 4, 2013

Special fall daytime meeting!

We were happy to welcome Holistic Health Coach Robin Shirley to speak to our group for a special daytime meeting. Robin suffered from rheumatoid arthritis in childhood and has found dramatically improved health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. We had a great crowd and enjoyed Robin sharing with us some tips for clearing out things that draw away our energy and ways to boost our immune systems.

A note about daytime meetings:
Although our regular monthly meetings are in the evenings to make sure working mamas can join us, we're often asked about daytime meetings. We've tried a few in the past and would love to offer them on a regular basis if there is enough interest and volunteer support.

Our chapter has a team of six co-leaders, most of whom work during the day. We are always open to having a co-leader who would lead regular daytime meetings open to the public (with or without speakers) or to having a volunteer organize daytime meetings for members. These might be follow-ups to the evening meetings or could be on another topic and would be in addition to playgroups and outings.

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