Friday, November 9, 2012

Holistic on a Budget!

Interested in eating nutritious whole foods, or using safer cleaning or personal care products, but not sure how to do it and stay within budget? Or want to discuss how can we keep our spending habits more in line with our values?  

Being healthy and green doesn't have to break the bank! Join us on November 15 as we share tips and tricks to save money. This is a member-led discussion with handouts. We expect to share lots of great ideas at our meeting to add to our resources! Feel free to bring catalogs, link lists, directories...

Topics will include (but are not limited to)

·         Food
·         Clothing
·         Babies/Kids/Toys
·         Personal and Household Cleaning Products
·         Leisure/Entertainment
·         Healthcare
·         Education

As always, this meeting is open to members and first-time visitors (with children always welcome!), 7-9 p.m, the third Thursday (November 15) at AUMC, 716 S. Glebe Rd. Arlington, VA 22204

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Learning to breathe!

What a wonderful meeting we had in October! Amy Arnold of VitalSelf showed us many different ways to breathe and the benefits of different breathing exercises. It was powerful

Here are a few shots from the evening, including after-meeting parking lot nursing with one of our two newest additions! So exciting to see the mamas on the other side birth (in this case, two amazing homebirth stories!) Congrats to our new mamas, and thanks to Amy Arnold for a wonderful meeting!