Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting clean from the inside: raw, seasonal and cleansing diets

Thank you to Anita Capizzi and Michelle Pfennighaus for their wonderful presentation on raw, seasonal and cleansing diets. What a lot of great information and inspiration to give our livers a rest and to be good to our bodies this spring!

Thanks to Leigha for the guacamole and to Anita for the raw cookies and to Michelle for the door prize of a consultation/cleanse support.

Did we mention that Michelle brought her nine-week-old son? Congratulations to this new mama!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Raw Food, Seasonal Eating, and Cleansing Diets in April

Have you ever wondered why people talk about going on a raw foods diet or doing a spring detox?

Come join us for part two in our 2011 food/diet series: "Raw, Seasonal and Cleansing Diets." Our April meeting will focus on how to give your body a boost with raw foods, a seasonal diet, and

Anita Capizzi, with the Raw Food Institute, will discuss the philosophy and
details behind a diet focused on raw food.

Michelle Pfennighaus, certified health coach, will discuss seasonal eating and
cover cleansing/detoxing options and diets based on whole, seasonal food as well
as overcoming diet/commitment obstacles.

7-9 pm on Thursday, April 21 at the Arlington
United Methodist Church - 716 S. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA, 22204*

Meetings are open to members and first-time visitors to our chapter. Children
are always welcome to attend.

*HMN is not affiliated with any church, but our chapter’s host church does accept donations of items for its food pantry.