Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February meeting to discuss "Allergy Elimination"

Food, chemical and environmental allergies or sensitivities can have a variety of effects on the body -- physical, emotional, mental, behavioral.

Chronic conditions and disease can often be linked to a sensitivity that can be addressed without medication through "allergy elimination."

On February 17, Dr. Venus Seleme of Seleme Chiropractic Wellness Center will describe this healing modality.
Her talk will describe how to "deactivate" allergens and open up energy meridians to heal the body and mind.

For more information on allergy elimination, see
and Dr. Seleme's site,

If you or your children seem to have any sensitivities -- be it to certain foods, additives, fragrances, pollen -- or any other chronic conditions you can't seem to fix, consider coming to hear this talk. This modality stopped one chapter leader from turning beet red if she had even a sip of wine, and it rid her of seasonal (spring) allergies she'd treated with a variety of medications for years.

Dr. Seleme plans to focus on addressing the following with regard to food allergies:
Where do food allergies begin?
Genetics vs. Environments
Is something you are eating passing through your breastmilk?
Differences between true allergies and allergy sensitivities
Different test for allergies (RAST, IGG, Skin prick) vs. muscle testing. What do they tell us?
What is muscle testing?
How we use the concepts of Applied Kinesiology with allergy treatment
The most common allergens and all the components of these specific foods
Protein reaction symptom vs. sugar/preservative symptom
Cross reactivity within food groups, ie grasses and the wheat family
How NAET works with a demonstration.