Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy, Holistic Birthday Celebrations

What food do you serve at birthday celebrations? Is it a time to throw nutrition to the wind and revel in delectable sweets, or is it important to be consistent in food values and to share those with others. Can you do both?

How about gifts? Do you accept them, ask people not to bring them, ask for them to be homemade or used? What about giving gifts?

What about party favors and themes? Who decides? Where do you get your supplies? How big of a shindig do you throw? Who gets invited? Do you do several celebrations? How do you involve your kids, let them direct, or make decisions for them?

What rituals and traditions do you cherish from childhood? What ones make you cringe? How do you create meaningful and joyful celebrations?

Join us on September 20 as we discuss all this and more at our evening meeting.

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