Thursday, September 8, 2011


We had another wonderful motherblessing earlier this month honoring two mamas. One this past week had a "peaceful and joyous" homebirth and that the "support and warm thoughts" shared during the evening helped that happen. How great to hear!

No matter what the birth plan, we love to honor and pamper mothers as they near such big life transition.

A motherblessing is a special way to honor a woman on her journey to motherhood or to becoming a mom of two, or three, or whatever is next! When we pause to take stock of where we are and where we're headed, we can honor our role as mothers and all our other roles. Our chapter has held motherblessings in groups and for individuals. It's a great way to share our experience and help the mothers feel powerful and supported as they approach birth and their new mothering role. Plus, we eat! And we pamper the expectant with massage.

Thanks to Kristine for these great photos from our July motherblessing honoring three mamas. It was so nice to hear about their birth and postpartum plans, to share fears and joys, and to just celebrate the amazing work our bodies do to grow new little beings!

Congratulations to all three women on the birth of their baby boys!

And here are a few photos of our September motherblessing at which we had another three pregnant women in attendance, the next in line! If you are a member and are expecting, please make sure the leaders know so that we can plan to honor you!

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