Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fighting Fevers and the Flu in February

Our first monthly meeting was a lively discussion of influences on the immune system and strategies to deal with illnesses when they do come up. Chiropractor Cindy Durakis addressed nutrition and the role of stress in addition to discussing how structural alignment affects ear issues in particular. Dr. Chris Johnson gave a naturopath's perspective on health, including an overview of homeopathy. Both provided some great resources for folks to take home. We also shared an in-house list of a few favorite remedies and healthful strategies from some members. This and more detailed notes from the meeting will be available to members on our chapter email loop.

One thing we didn't have enough of tonight was time! When we look for a new location for meetings after April, we will for sure try to get a bigger room and make sure to book a full two hours. We could have kept talking well after the library closed, and some folks chatted in the parking lot for over an hour. What a great community! Please join us March 26 for a conversation with Francine Ronis on Mindful Parenting.

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