Thursday, January 2, 2014

Delicious and inspiring talk with Stacy of Paleo Parents!

If you ever thought grain-free eating wasn't hilarious, you clearly have never seen Stacy Toth speak. The blogger and co-author (with husband Matt McCarry) of the gluten-free kid-friendly cookbook Eat Like a Dinosaur and the lushly photographed why-adults-should-eat-sustainably-and-mindfully how-to Beyond Bacon gave a wonderful presentation to our group on December 19.

In a candidly witty conversation, Stacy explained how she came to find the Paleo diet and what it has done for her and for her family. She addressed practicality as well as philosophy. Many of her tips came from her soon-to-be-an-e-book pamphlet available for just a little while longer at

We all learned a ton and enjoyed snacking on Stacy's brownies and pumpkin muffins in addition to fruit and nuts and nut butters (and Artisana coconut butter), guacamole and veggies, and lots of other Paleo-approved treats like Lara Bars, Hail Merry cocoroons, various types of kombucha. With such delights for the palate and such an entertaining presentation, it felt like a true night out!

We are grateful to Stacy for coming to talk to our group and glad so many folks could join us!

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