Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inspiring Mother Blessing

Thank you to the organizers of our group mother blessing! Three of our members who are due mid-July to early August were honored at a lovely ceremony hosted by Sharon Stevenson of Yoga, Birth and Beyond. The evening included a centering exercise by Jennifer Moore of Moore than Yoga and the blessing of beads for a birth bracelet. A traditional activity at birth blessing is to wind yarn around the wrists of each participant around a circle to symbolize community; participants wear the bracelets until the baby is born. With three babies coming, we decided three bracelets would be a little much (especially through summer months!), so we decorated mama dolls who are now wearing three different bracelets until we get the word that each baby has come, when that string will be cut. Until then, we can all look at our doll and remember our bond as mothers and our support of one another, especially of the three VBAC-hopeful mamas.

The evening concluded with pampering (massage and hair decoration) and feasting on berries and muffins.

All three mamas -- and, it seemed, the participants -- left feeling inspired and supported!

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Latinalinguist (Ana Maria) said...

This is so nice! Does anybody have any experience retrieving their placenta from a hospital birth at VHC in Arlington?