Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fighting the Flu Naturally

Our February meeting welcomed two great speakers, Dr. Hai Jin Kim, MD, of HealthBuilders (Annandale) and Dr. Julia Wray, DO, of Cornerstone Chiropractic (Alexandria). Dr. Kim began addressing the problem of living in a symptom-driven world where the immune system is not allowed to do its job. If the symptoms are suppressed, she explained, the immune system doesn't fulfill its potential.

Dr. Kim explained how vaccines work with the TH1 and TH2 components of the immune system, especially in babies, who are T2 dominant (and whose immune system does not mature until age 5 or 6). She also talked some about homeopathic remedies to be used during illness or for prophylaxis, noting that homeopathy looks at both emotional and physical characteristics of an illness.

Dr. Wray spoke in depth about the importance of vitamin D for general health and particular for respiratory infections. She also described some general theories of chiropractic and shared stories from her personal experience and from her practice, in which she uses Activator technology rather than manual adjustments. She also shared health-promoting habits, which include adequate sleep, positive attitude and the choice of activities that cultivate such an attitude, deep breathing, and proper posture, in addition to high-quality and adequate food (in a form close to how it's found in nature) and drink (pure, filtered water).

Thank you, Dr. Kim and Dr. Wray for sharing your insights with us along with some great giveaways!

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