Monday, January 4, 2010

Clarifying our Values: Inspiring December Meeting

Life coaches Carolyn Semedo and Suzanne Couming-Caldwell presented a wonderful meeting in December. The title was "Creating Balance in Family Life," but the focus of the interactive workshop was on helping us clarify our values. Once we can identify what is important to us, it becomes clearer to see how to eliminate areas of stress and to live in alignment with what we truly value.

The "Clarifying Values" worksheet and a list of resources (including books) from Carolyn and Suzanne are up on the chapter member Yahoo group under Files in the "Notes from Meetings" folder. Several attendees at the workshop noted that working through the values worksheet with their life partners would be beneficial for their relationship. Older children could also benefit from a discussion about the values held by the family -- and how those mesh with values of individual members of the family.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers and to all of the members and visitors who participated in this lively event!

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